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Graphic Design

St Andrews Charity Fashion Show

As Head of Marketing & Advertising, I was responsible for a team of designers, photographers, and film makers in charge of selling the UK's biggest student run fashion show and its after party. We were also charged with rebranding the show: the 'C' logo is what we came up with: the 'C' being for 'charity', and the three lines around it represent the three shows we were to put on that year (StarFields, London, St Andrews). It was later adapted to the Starfields logo, keeping a consistent look throughout. I was also tasked with making a logo in partnership with to launch our new photo competition. Finally, we had to make the prospectuses and sponsorship reports to send to global brands like PWC and Moët Chandon.

Lightbox Creative St Andrews

As Co-Founder of Lightbox Creative St Andrews, I occasionally had to make advertising material for my company to go alongside our primary content, which was our main promotional tool. In the end we found ways of incorporating our logo into our design language by using its square form to create mock 3D in our images, or framing certain parts as if they were photos.


A musician I know asked me to make him a logo that would appeal to his dance-music loving fans but also convey that he used vinyl, a highly unusual trait in today's DJ scene. What I came up with was an unusual typeface that turned the middle 'C' into a turn table. Overlaying it over a black circle also gives it the look of a vinyl record.

Global Investment Group

As head of branding for the Global Investment Group, St Andrews' biggest student society, I doubled membership in my first year with an overhaul to how the group presents itself. 


My friend wanted to start a travel brand that would help those on a budget find the best flight for them. They wanted a bold logo that looked nothing like the identikit travel identities out there. What I chose was to play on the letter forms and the idea of seeing to create this cheeky logotype that also informed the brand colours.


A friend and I ran an event called ReScore for two years. We wanted a logo that could be adapted, and in the second year the logo I designed was adapted to fit Hitchcock's classic The Birds.

Chase Erwin

I made several bits of promotional material for the textiles company. These were often off the back of photoshoots I staged for them.