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Good Innovation Portfolio

A selection of the work I have produced on Year Here

I have made other things over the years but this is my most recent and relevant work.


Consulting for hounslow Borough Council

The reports delivered

My team and I produced two reports for Hounslow based on our findings. I wrote a few sections and designed them for print in InDesign. All the photography in them was also taken by myself. Click the images to see the full PDFs.


The co-creation workshop

To gather information for the reports, I devised and organised a workshop, coordinating members of my team to facilitate. Local councillors, charity workers, young people, and business owners attended. The workshop was a success, providing many insights and also creating connections between people that would otherwise have remained apart. More photos can be seen here.

I created the full session brief, inspired by a short spell at Nesta before starting the consulting phase of Year Here. You can see the full version of that here.

 Click the image to see more images.

Click the image to see more images.

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I also produced working materials for the workshop, including these persona sheets for example. 

They were filled out in stages by participants so that all people could have a chance to contribute to any given problem.


YMCA Start Here

While I was working at the YMCA North London in Crouch End, I noticed three things I then sought to address:

  • Residents had incomplete knowledge of the hostel, the area, and their opportunities. Same for the staff.
  • There was no standard way for residents to communicate with the staff or the maintenance department.
  • Residents often squandered their already limited time in the computer rooms due to poor tech literacy and ignorance of free resources.

Start Here was my attempt to use the computer room as a place where change could occur gradually over time within the residents. The page is currently the homepage for all of the computers in the hostel computer room, though it is unlikely the room is still being opened regularly.

Unfortunately Start Here's Squarespace account expired on the 2nd of May 2019.

Thank you for taking the time to look through my portfolio from Year Here. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about the work, and I look forward to hearing from you.

I can be contacted on and 07515352811.