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The latest work of portrait and editorial photographer Benoît Grogan-Avignon. I post my headshots, my editorial work, some design, some holiday photos.

Shoot In Regent's Park, London.

Around sunset, Roxanne and I met at Regent's Park to shoot some photos. We shot mostly using natural light and tried to use the leaves as a backdrop wherever possible. This was my first proper go with the XT1, Fujifilm's top end camera and the 56mm lens. Optically speaking, the results were surprisingly pleasing. If you zoom in, the amount of detail retained is surprising. 

Though I never thought I would find a use for it, the tilting screen was very very useful. It allowed me to shoot really low and get the shot at the top of this post. And after the shoot we went to a pub on Marylebone High Street and beamed the photos to my phone over wifi to make a quick edit. Having come from a 5dmkii, this technological convenience is exciting.  

I've been shooting a lot with lights and on a white back drop in black and white lately, so this was a refreshing change of pace. It reminded me that you don't need a lot of kit to create pleasing images. That said, I think my shutter speed was a little slow for some of the shots, which makes them a tad softer than they should be. 

Otherwise I think these turned out well. As autumn comes in and gives way to winter, I'm hoping to get some snow shots this year. I've never tried to do that seriously, so adding them to my portfolio would be good.

As far as the XT1 goes, believe the hype.