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The latest work of portrait and editorial photographer Benoît Grogan-Avignon. I post my headshots, my editorial work, some design, some holiday photos.

Tobi's Headshots

Tobi came to me wanting to get away from his previous look as a young actor and go for something more grown up. In the end we managed to get something that make him look like the roles he is aiming for.

These headshots were shot on the roof again, on a beautifully sunny day in January. I had a lovely assistant who held a big reflector in the path of the sun to light Tobi in a flattering way without the need for much equipment. It's a technique I'd seen Zach Arias use when being challenged by the harshness of midday sun. It involved removing the shell of the reflector and using the centre fabric as one big diffuser, not reflector. I'd love to try this technique but with a speed light behind it rather than the sun and see what happens.