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Benoît Grogan-Avignon, Mid-Weight Photographer Application



Thanks for checking out my application page. I hope you like what you find here. I took the liberty of creating a little stop motion video with my own Moo cards:


If you need a refresher on my CV, here it is (should open to a PDF):

Below is a selection of the studio based product work I've done over the years. There's a lot of coffee in there because it's an industry I'm strangely drawn to and had the most experience in.

If you look through the rest of my portfolio you'll see other studio work involving people. I've also made many videos, which you can see here.

I have also done a lot of video work with my previous companies and clients, and I'd be very keen to work on some video at Moo!

Thanks for taking the time to look and I hope I get the opportunity to meet you at interview!