benoît g-a


Videography, corporate videos, crowdfunding videos, informational videos, London based.

Fat Macy's First Home

I produced this video in aid of Fat Macy's Spacehive campaign, which beat its target and set them on the path to a permanent home.

Fat Macy's Crowdfunder - Emmanuel's Journey from Hostel to Home

And this is the follow on video I made, charting Emmanuel’s progress from Hostel to Home.

Pact Coffee — About Us

Invest in Pact Coffee on Crowdcube

This is another example of a crowdfunding video I produced while working with Pact Coffee. The campaign was cancelled early but the initial response was positive.

Pact Pod Kickstarter

This was the video I produced for Pact Coffee's Pod Kickstarter campaign.

Elder Live-In Care

I produced this video on behalf of Elder to highlight the advantages of live-in care. 

I Love This Beer, with Jay.

This was part of a series of videos I produced for Dove Pubs, highlighting the staff members' favourite beers.

Pharmacie Website

I was brought in to totally overhaul Pharmacie’s website, product photography, and add video to their website. I moved them from Squarespace to Shopify, moving over all product along the way and ensured a seamless transition. I love this jack of all trades way of working!

Beer Tasting 2016

I documented a beer tasting for The Dove as part of wider marketing work for them.